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Yummy Box Food Truck proudly brings you mouth watering street food from Asia.

Made from fresh locally sourced ingredients, and prepared with professional care.

Look for us in Greater Seattle area, Washington.

Our Menu

Taiwanese Pork Stew

Minced pork belly stew over rice, served with assorted sauerkraut-style veggie and hard-boiled egg.

Yummy Box Fried Noodles

Bacon Menchi Katsu Burger

Home made panko breaded beef patty, bacon lettuce, tomato, cream cheese with katsu sauce. Served with fried sweet potato.

Popcorn Chicken with Rice

Japanese Chicken Katsu Curry

Panko breaded chicken, mild Japanese vegetable curry over rice.

Spicy Indonesian Beef Rendang

Beef stew with Indonesian curry sauce and pineapple over rice.

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About Us

Yummy Box Food Truck Yummy Box is established with intention of producing favorite street food that are savor by people as they travel to Asia, and incorporate these flavors with fresh locally sourced ingredients. chopped chopped salad Yummy Box simply loves food, and loves how food can bring smile to a person!  Our mission is for customers to enjoy these mouth watering Asian street food, and also bring a new kind of dining experience. After all, boxes from around the world are yummy in their own special ways!
When the truck is not on the street, We cater asian fusion style from fried noodles to sushi. If you have the need, just contact us, and we would love to serve.